Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fleet Tracking with Google Maps

Mapping is crucial for planning a route or scheduling for the day, as well as for real-time tracking after jobs are dispatched. In order to run an efficient operation, a dispatcher must have up-to-date maps with real time traffic information. Google has developed a very comprehensive mapping system and created a REST base API, allowing partners like IndusTrack to access the data.

There are many services available for mapping now, such as Bing. One of the big differentiators with Google Maps vs any other map provider is a phenomena called reverse geocoding. This is a process where latitude/longitude coordinates from the satellite are converted into an actual address. The satellite will provide
latitude/longitude numbers based on the signal strength of the satellite. These numbers vary, and the lower the satellite signal strength the more challenging it becomes to reverse geocode and the higher the chance of getting an incorrect actual address.

Google has the best service for reverse geocoding. They use very intelligent algorithms to provide the most accurate date. Hence, it is critical to have a good reverse geocoding process for fleet tracking. Otherwise, the dispatcher will be continuously finding vehicles at the wrong locations.

Using IndusTrack with Google Maps, you’ll be able to view on the map exactly where each vehicle in your fleet is located. This feature works by connecting directly to Google Maps’ servers. Additionally, you will be able to get live traffic updates, as well as satellite and street views.

The built in mapping layer featured on Google Maps allows IndusTrack software to display unique items. A dispatcher can quickly see all of the customers on the map and the nearest vehicle to the customer. They can view jobs and view the status of the job. Dispatchers can quickly see how many jobs are completed by each mobile worker visually. The reaction time is much quicker for the dispatcher if they can see it on the map instead of a grid format.

Having the right tool will make the job a breeze, and not having the right tool is a cause of frustration and unhappy employees.  It is essential that service companies partner with the best fleet tracking company to maximize efficiencies and profitability.