Friday, May 1, 2015

Specialized Mobile App for Snow Plow Business

How does the thought of eliminating all of your billing nightmares sound? What about routing far more efficiently that you currently do? Or what about complying with all of your contractual requirements all in one place? Sounds far too good to be true doesn’t it? However with IndusTrack, you can simply eliminate all of your paperwork and effortlessly turn your snow plowing business into a flawlessly operating business setup.

You can effortlessly save money, significantly lower the material usage, and be far more responsive to your customers through the implementation of our software on your company’s snow plow fleet. All this can be achieved with our in-vehicle hard wired tracking, software, data plan and a mobile app specialized for snow removal in a single software platform from IndusTrack.

Avoid the hassle and stress of billing.
If you business is similar to most popular snow plowing businesses, you may be familiar to using a pricing model that typically includes the likes of a mix of flat-rates, material, time and per event rates. Each of these may even come with different snowfall trigger that can help to determine when you will be required to plow a specific location or property. Billing for so many complications factors is guaranteed to be a time-consuming hassle that you just don’t need.

IndusTrack helps to eliminate the hassles of billing by providing you with the flexibility in order to setup your company’s billing to match your customers or contracts, before billing them accordingly. This is guaranteed to allow you to bill your customers far faster, which means that you can spend your time on other aspects of your business rather than stressing with customer billing complaints or inquires.

Mitigate any possible risks with IndusTrack (Slip and Fall)
With the use of IndusTrack software, your business can significantly decrease the risk of potential litigation for frivolous claims. Can you really count on just paper records alone, when it comes to tracking and records?

IndusTrack software allows to effortlessly track and record what time a specific driver timed into a particular job and what time they finished. This means that you will have a complete and incredibly accurate digital trail that is able to tell you exactly when and which property was cleared and how long the job took. This means if you ever receive an unwanted lawsuit, you already have the important evidence and digital trail of events which are easily accessible and stored securely for you.

Accurately bill for the material.
IndusTrack Mobile snow plow app can tell you exactly how much deicing materials, salt, liquid, or chemicals used on a road. This allows for better planning and far more efficient use of costly materials. Additionally, it will allow you to bill accurately for material used.

Track and bill for different activities (Plow time, Salt time, side walk time)
The Mobile snow plow app allows you to control, manage, monitor, and report on your company’s snow removal operations. You can track time for different activities such as plow time, salting time, and sidewalk shovel time. This makes billing a breeze and will provide accurate estimate for time usage when you are negotiating fix bid contracts.

Improve route efficiently with IndusTrack
Do your trucks efficiently know a specific route efficiently?  Do they know the properties that they’re contractually obligated to plow?

You will always be able to efficiently plan, schedule and route your drivers based entirely on your company’s contractual obligations, which means you have the potential to save money by only plowing specific properties or locations that you should be plowing.

Save money with the help of IndusTrack.
The investment that can be made in snow plows is certainly attractive. With the software from IndusTrack, you can rest assured knowing that every snow plow within your fleet is being used to its greatest efficiency with the use of better route planning and more, which means it can help you save far much more money, when you know that your plows are running as efficiently as possible.

Software solutions from IndusTrack can allow you to monitor your fleet of snow plow drivers, even those who may not be part of your full-time fleet. Enjoy the knowledge of being able to effortless monitor and manage the routes taken by your fleet of snow plows, along with the materials and chemicals used and also the speed in which they are travelling at.