Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Protect Your Assets and Machinery

It’s expensive purchasing equipment and vehicles for a business, and even more pricey when items go missing, or are borrowed without permission. IndusTrack has asset tracking software, so you’ll know when your assets slip outside the normal boundaries. Chances for their retrieval are higher, as you can notify the authorities of their exact location.

The types of assets to be tracked vary. You can track trucks, cars, containers, and construction equipment. Basically, if it’s worth anything, then a tag can be attached, and it can be tracked.

IndusTrack understands your need to know where an asset is located, in an instant. Asset tracking can also be valuable in finding out which site a piece of equipment is located at. If it’s sitting idle, it can be moved onto another site where it can earn income. IndusTrack’s asset tracking software will help you to find your assets with a quick check into the software on your computer, your smart phone, or device. The manager will have the capability of real-time tracking of an asset, whether it is a truck, car, or construction equipment.

Special features of the asset tracking software allow you to generate reports so you can see exactly how your assets are making money. If any are sitting idle for any length of time, you’ll know that they need to be placed back in service for more income generation. You’ll also have the ability to store history, so at any given time you can track differences between two different time periods. These reports can also be shared with the customer, and can be valuable if there are any billing disputes.
Have you ever had an employee “borrow” a piece of equipment? It may have been returned, but this causes wear and tear on a piece of equipment that the business owns. Learning if any of your equipment is still working after hours when it shouldn’t be will allow you to correct the situation.

You can access the IndusTrack smart application on your smart phone, tablet, or device and see at any given time exactly where your assets are located. If they’re on the move, you’ll be able to track them via Google Maps.

Protect your business assets with IndusTrack. This software will provide you with more control over your assets, and will pay off in greater productivity.