Tuesday, February 10, 2015

IndusTrack, Field Team Management Solution for Landscaping Companies

One of the main reasons why some companies suffer from logistical and follow-up nightmares, especially in the landscaping business, is the fact that it is usually hard to monitor tasks or assignments in real time, communicate with the team in record time, or get timely and accurate reports for ongoing or complete tasks. The Industrack system will generally let you dispatch and monitor tracks on phone or computer, get timely reports on work taking place and also track all field team members through GPS tracking. This software works on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) so you do not have to worry about the team not having access to it.
The landscaping industry is all about managing any projects that involve nature, gardens and any other work or modification that needs to be done to above-ground nature. This means that any company that does landscaping will need to send team members to the ground for tasks, stay in
constant communication with field teams and finally get reports on work completed or on-going. Each of your field team members can have an individual account that will enable them to place timestamps on work done (clocking in and out of projects), receive messages and tasks for the day from the administrator back at the office.
Industrack has the scheduling feature where the software administrator can put in the scheduled work for the day, inclusive of tasks and other details relevant to the successful completion of the project. Once the tasks are determined and put into the software backend. The administrator is able to assign the tasks to multiple or single team members, attach forms or other relevant documents that the field team needs such as addresses or work forms of the client who requires landscaping services.
The administrator will then be able to monitor any work being handled by the on-ground team, have access to reports from the field and finally create reports and invoices based on the inputted reports. The great thing about Industrack software is its ability to integrate with other popular software such as Quickbooks, especially when it comes to creating of invoices.
When it comes to the field team, they are able to view the Industrack software from a PC or mobile gadget. They will be able to receive their scheduled tasks or assignments from the office no matter where they are. While in the field, the landscaping team could require to add more tasks after conducting their assessment of the client’s project. In addition, the team is able to input real-time reports including additional days needed to complete the landscaping task, pictures, plans and prospective budgets or invoices of the project at hand.

The benefits of the Industrack software for your landscaping business is that you have a central point where you can view projects and monitor them in real-time, stay in touch with the field team, receive reports and job status at any time of the day and even create or update invoices with Industrack. This gets rid of paperwork as well as uncertainty when it comes to the whereabouts or field team members or the status of a given project.

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