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IndusTrack Announces Launch of new Time Tracking Product for Multiple Industries

Minneapolis, MN,  March 1, 2015

There's few things more important for someone managing a mobile workforce than being able to accurately manage and track the time of their workers.  In an effort to provide a much needed solution is this area, mobile workforce solutions experts IndusTrack recently announced the launch of IndusTrack, an innovative new time tracking product.

If there's anything that hurts a business that relies on a mobile workforce's bottom line, it's poor time management.  With small losses adding up over time, and multiplied by the size of the team working for a business, the costs of poor time tracking become more and more clear.  Pioneers in the mobile workforce solution industry, IndusTrack, having clearly identified this problem, developed and recently released a winning time tracking product as a solution.  The early feedback has been remarkably positive.

“IndusTrack time management software offer a lot more than traditional tools, it has a complete workflow process build in for supervisor and accounts approval,”  Raz Bajwa, CEO IndusTrack.  “IndusTrack is a game changer in this area.  Simple to install and use, it makes managers, payroll and even works jobs much more simple.  All while saving money by being sure time isn't being wasted or misreported.”

IndusTrack is being adopted in a wide range of industries including HVAC/Plumbing, Snow and Ice Removal, Rental, Trucking, Delivery, and much more.

Reviews have given IndusTrack very favorable feedback.

Brian S., from Illinois, recently said, “We have a medium HVAC company and IndusTrack has really helped us be able to get our time management issues under control quickly.  All the chaos is gone and we couldn't be happier.  It's worth every penny.  Five stars and fully recommended.”

About IndusTrack:

IndusTrack is a complete mobile workforce solution. They offer scheduling, timesheets, mobile forms, GPS and asset tracking. Their one-source platform is also integrated with QuickBooks and other back office software. Prior to IndusTrack, the founders started the design and consulting service business, Spectrum Solutions in 2002. As Spectrum, the team designed hundreds of GPS tracking/wireless solutions for other companies. The company had more than 40 engineers and was considered the premier design services business. In 2008, IndusTrack was created by this deeply experienced team brought together to address market challenges with tracking fleet and mobile workers.

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