Friday, May 26, 2017

IndusTrack Launches All-in-One Scheduling and Dispatching Mobile Workforce Management Solution

IndusTrack has announced the launch of a brand new mobile workforce management solution. This newly released product helps companies in the service industries, such as HVAC, cooling, plumbing, landscaping, mechanical, electric, and construction.

Professionals in such industries are faced with a challenging dilemma when it comes to managing their workforce. Thus far, even with the vast technological advances in workforce management in recent years, complicated desktop applications are still being used. Such software is difficult for a newcomer to operate, requiring training time and education before being used. These programs also tether users to their desktops.

The newly launched all-in-one scheduling and dispatching mobile workforce management solution from IndusTrack brings such management into the cloud. Professionals can work on the go from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone to seamlessly improve billing effectiveness while reducing overhead costs. Schedules can be built with just one quick action, projects can be effortlessly managed, invoices can be sent, and analytics can be received with the new app from IndusTrack.

The company is focused on creating user-friendly, easy to use, integrated platforms for businesses of all sizes across a wide expanses of industries. These programs are simple to customize, making it easy to work with teams. The innovative scheduling and dispatch system connects managers, supervisors, and teams to make project management and client support simple, stress-free, and ultra-organized. Within one platform, invoices can be generated and sent, critical data can be analyzed, projects can be monitored and managed, and schedules can be created and divided by group and department.

About the app, which went live in January 2015, a recent client said, "We wanted a single software solution that can do time tracking, scheduling, mobile forms, and fleet tracking, Industrack is the only company we found that can do it all." A comprehensive workflow management product, IndusTrack’s scheduling and dispatch platform negates the need for an array of bulky applications and programs that must be independently used. IndusTrack’s platform ties together all the loose ends that are found as an obstacle to departmental success by connecting accounts, teams, and projects.

IndusTrack was launched in 2008 to pinpoint market challenges and business needs to deliver comprehensive digital solutions. With unparalleled customer support and on-site installation and troubleshooting services, IndusTrack is proud to offer industry leading, comprehensive packages for managing business from anywhere. More information can be found at

About IndusTrack

IndusTrack is a complete mobile workforce solution. They offer scheduling, timesheets, mobile forms, GPS and asset tracking. Their one-source platform is also integrated with QuickBooks and other back office software. Prior to IndusTrack, the founders started the design and consulting service business, Spectrum Solutions in 2002. As Spectrum, the team designed hundreds of GPS tracking/wireless solutions for other companies. The company had more than 40 engineers and was considered the premier design services business. In 2008, IndusTrack was created by this deeply experienced team brought together to address market challenges with tracking fleet and mobile workers.



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